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Scaling Entire Scene Objects

Avoiding Problems with Scaling Linked Objects

While creating files for fluid or other dynamic simulations we need our scene to be of certain scale or better term would be ‘Effects Friendly Scale’. 3D Studio Max is quite sensitive to object scales at times and can lead to inappropriate results if not done properly.In large scene files where we have multiple scene objects and most of them are linked to different heads, it becomes really difficult to scale the objects together. In larger teams this problem is quite common and inevitable as different team members prefer to work in different scale units and moving scenes from one member to another can be really problematic.

1.          Scaling the objects in the scene is the only solution left to match the size of different objects and effects relative to the scene. So the first option that we have is to use 3DS Max’s Utility which rescales the world units of either the entire scene or selected objects in the scene. Click on Utilities panel > Utilities rollout > More Button > Utilities Dialog > Rescale World Units. Hit the ‘Rescale’ button and set the desired rescale value by which we want our scene scale to get multiplied. In the Affect group select the ‘Scene’ option and hit ok.

2.          Another approach is to scale the scene assets proportionally by linking all of them to a dummy object and then scaling the dummy as per our requirement. But in a scenario where we have multiple parent heads for different objects, it becomes difficult to find and link each object head with the dummy parent. Maintaining the object hierarchy is the most important thing in order to maintain the parent-child relationship intact between several objects in the scene. So the solution for faster results would be to automate this process.

So a way around to this situation would be to create a script that will link all the parent heads to a new dummy object in the scene. This script is going to link anything that is at the top of the chain. The highest parent will only get linked to this dummy. This script will help us in creating a scene parent without messing the scene hierarchy and animations.

Script -
myCollection = $* as array
myDummy = (dummy name:"MyDummy01")

for i = 1 to myCollection.count do
if myCollection[i].parent == undefined then (myCollection[i].parent = MyDummy)
myDummy.scale = [3,3,3]

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