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Re-scaling Scene Key Frames

Rendering a Scene Slower than Actually Animated

In large scene files with complex animations, it becomes difficult to rescale the animation key-frames of scene objects as per our liking. Due to many hidden objects and parent heads in the scene, it becomes impossible to track each of them and retime their keys. Even the new re-time tool sometimes does not catch all the animated stuff.

1.          A workaround to this problem would be to Re-scale Time from the Time Configuration window. Where we can define the Start Time and End Time of the animation and Re-scale the keys of all the assets in the scene by checking the option - 'Re-scale keys to whole frames'. But the problem with this method is, that it will concentrate the time rescaling to only the current timeline.

2.          Another resort for such a problem would be to automatically stretch the keyframes of all the objects in the scene using a script. The script will select all the objects in the scene and stretch the keyframes as per the Scale Factor defined in the script.

Script -


new_end = animationRange.end * scale_factor
animationRange = interval animationRange.start new_end

scale_interval = (interval animationRange.start animationRange.end)
all_objects = $* as array
for obj in all_objects do
scaleTime obj scale_interval scale_factor

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